Employee motivation has never been a more important topic. Employers often find it hard to keep a full workforce and avoid turnover in today’s business environment. The happier and more professional employees are, the better the results they will deliver for you. It is a challenge for all employers and management to provide the right balance between a confident, motivated workforce and a workforce driven to attain goals.

Without motivated employees, any manager or team leader will find it much harder to get results from their team. One can produce a relatively reasonable work standard without great motivation, but to exceed expectations and achieve great results, it is essential to have great motivation. Without something to concentrate on as the reward, the reason you do the job, and the reason you want to do the job, it is difficult to produce quality results because an absence of enthusiasm will always result in flaws.

To get consistent results, it’s essential to ensure high organizational motivation. An organization needs to have a motivation policy for the best results. Good motivation from top to bottom cannot be achieved simply by flipping a switch or by decree from one boss. Good motivation is accomplished by team members knowing that their work is appreciated and will be rewarded and valued within their organization.

Employee Motivation: Here are five ways you can motivate people to succeed:

  1. Money
    We all need money to survive, but it also creates feelings of status and a certain level of achievement. We are provided with a certain freedom and lifestyle when we earn money.

  2. Purpose
    When we live with purpose, we have more direction and certainty. Purpose brings us a deeper level of satisfaction, even more than money does.

  3. Challenge
    When you give your employees assignments that align with their strengths, interests, and goals, you ensure that the work is challenging enough to keep people engaged. We can raise our level of motivation when we feel challenged. We want to win the game, so we can feel we have conquered the obstacles we had to face.

  4. Making a difference
    Everyone wants to feel like their contribution is essential and that they have made a difference in their organization. Research shows that money isn’t what keeps people on the job; it’s feeling like they have contributed to something meaningful.

  5. Personal Development
    A leader who makes employees know they have their best interests responds by being motivated, engaged, and generally happier at work. You can attract better people and keep existing employees motivated and productive by offering development opportunities.

Along with personal development comes keeping employees feeling appreciated and recognized for their hard work. You people feel supported and connected.

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