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Workplace Harassment

Workplace Harassment

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Welcome to the Workplace Harassment course. Workplace harassment can be based on a variety of factors that differ from one person to another, such as race, sex, and disability. 

This course will give you the tools necessary to recognize harassment in the workplace as well as understand your rights and responsibilities under the law. It will also touch on safety in the workplace, which is, in and of itself, important in any organization. 

Three main actions that constitute harassment:

  1. When someone is doing something to you to make you uneasy. 
  2. When someone is saying something to you to make you feel uneasy. 
  3. When someone knowingly puts your life at risk in some way. 
After purchase, you have two months to assign this course to yourself or another. Upon assignment, you have an additional two months to complete the course. Wishing you all the best on your leadership journey.

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