About Chidgey Leadership Training with Mobile eLearning Courses

I am Henry Chidgey; business leadership consultant, coach, and mentor.  I help successful business leaders and professionals in developing themselves and their teams’ leadership and leadership skills so that they have more time, make more money, and achieve more satisfaction for themselves and their team.

These Mobile eLearning courses you see here are a result of my clients asking me for a simple, low-investment approach to both select and begin to develop leaders and great individual contributors throughout their organizations. These self-paced mobile-friendly courses do just that.

These courses can be successfully accomplished in 5-minute sprints or 4-hour marathons. The key is that they are fun and fit the students' schedules. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers all work together seamlessly. 

I know exactly what it means to be a business leader from my more than 50 years of practical leadership experience in every size business: large, medium, or small; 10 employees or 5000. For the last 20 years and more, I have helped hundreds of folks reach their goals and more.

What makes me unique is that what I provide my clients is the wisdom of all that experience quickly and efficiently, in a highly personalized mentoring and coaching program.

Most of my clients are successful business owners and executives who are frustrated with the lack of engagement and commitment of their teams. These owners and executives are doing OK financially, but they find themselves having to stay on top of everyone and everything all the time. All this costs them their discretionary time, lost profitability, and high employee turnover.

I help them become great leaders and teach them how to discover and develop passionate and committed internal leaders who, with their folks, operate like a well-oiled machine.

My calling in this life is to positively influence every Leader I meet or interact with in an impactful, profound, and authentic way. As a proven, experienced leader I am able to help you with proven, practical guidance. Not theories.

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